Why Infant Massage?
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In the past 3 decades infant touch and massage has become recognized as an effective way to promote infant development, attachment to caregivers, and to provide a multitude of physiological and emotional benefits. Our Infant Touch and Massage Instructor Training curricula reflect an organic paradigm shift upward in the sophistication of family-centered touch and massage. Individualized touch and massage instruction has replaced the infant massage “routine”. Touch and massage guided by the observation of parent and infant behavior, infant states of consciousness, developmental maturity, and the evident needs of the infant have replaced the linear succession of strokes which have shown limitations in benefitting families.

Infant touch and massage is rapidly expanding as a parenting tradition on a global scale, as Infant Massage Instructors are now active in over 40 countries worldwide.

Yes, you can teach infant touch & massage to families too. In the last two decades, our Institute has trained thousands of instructors who have enjoyed teaching infant touch and massage to families whose diversity spans the social, economic, and cultural spectrum. Infant massage instructors teach parent-infant classes in settings that range from in-patient and out-patient hospital programs, to home visitation and private instruction, to community based classes. Our instructors include OTs and PTs, child-life specialists, nurses, developmental specialists, childbirth educators, social workers, early interventionists, speech pathologists, case workers, doctors, massage therapists, midwives, lactation consultants, and of course parents.


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