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Attachment and
Emotional Intelligence

This instructor training is a practical education in family-centered touch and massage that is individualized for each unique infant/child and parent (rather than a generic routine of strokes, which do not work for many babies). In this training you will learn practical skills based on infant and child development and behavior, effective communication, and facilitation strategies and methods refined from over 30 years of touch and massage intervention with families.

Instructor Certification Training
In this training you will learn from experienced trainers and faculty with professional backgrounds and knowledge of touch and massage interventions from hospital to home visitation to community-based settings.

You will learn an application of infant touch and massage instruction that is family-centered by design and individualized to fit the baby and family. Within this approach is a framework of assessment of the infant/child and family, neurobehavioral observation, and massage positioning that supports outcomes for the developmental progress of the child. This approach encourages parent-child interaction that builds attachment and a trusting relationship between the instructor and the family.

You will learn to facilitate infant massage instruction for families with babies who are typically developing, and if desired, follow up with continuing education classes to learn more in-depth facilitation skills to work with families with infants and children born biologically or environmentally at-risk, or with special needs,


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